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History of the Price Institute

Quick Facts About the Price Institute
The Price Institute was founded in 1957 as a generous trust by John W. Price, Jr., MD, and his wife, Barbara Thurston Atwood Price, to honor the memory of:

  • Mrs. Price's paternal great, great grandfather, Coleman Rogers, MD, one of the founders of the University of Louisville Medical School
  • Mrs. Price's paternal grandfather, Lewis Rogers, MD
  • Mrs. Price's maternal great grandfather, Charles Wilkins Short, MD, Dean of the Medical School and Professor from 1827-1848
  • Mrs. Price's father, Lewis Rogers Atwood
  • Dr. Price's father, John Williamson Price.

A Look Back
Since its inception, 29 surgery residents or surgeons have been Price Fellows, the first being J. Alex Haller, MD, Professor Emeritus of Pediatric Surgery, Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, in 1958. Dr. Haller's project was in cardiovascular research. William H. Marshall, MD, who conducted cancer research during his fellowship from 1962 to 1964, succeeded him.

New Options
Price Fellows have the unique option to pursue an advanced degree during their tenure at the Institute—several fellows have obtained a PhD during their time at the Price.

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